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Weight loss 850 kcal Express program is developed with an accent on low carbohydrates. This program is for those who what to lose weight in a very short period of time without causing harm to her/his health, to improve their metabolism, as well as review the meal plan you are following.


Breakfast - quinoa with vegetable

Dessert - brownie

Lunch - grilled chicken breast and summer salad

Vegetable break

Supper - fish with lemon

* You may lose about 10 kg  on this program.

** Weight loss is an individual process. Your weight may decrease significantly if your initial weight is 15+ kg higher than normal, or if your current diet is not balanced.

*** If you join our weight loss program, it is very important that you strictly follow our meal plan. Please do not use any other food or drink (you may still drink water, tea and coffee without milk or sugar) in order to achieve maximum results.