39,000 AMD375,000 AMD

The weight gain program involves a meal plan rich with protein and carbohydrates. Protein, in addition to stimulating the immediate growth of muscle fibers, also very effectively promotes fat loss.



Protein cocktail (does not contain synthetic protein) and breakfast

Sweet break

Lunch: soup, meat dish, salad or garnish

Break: fruits and nuts

Dinner: meat dish and vegetable salad


  • Before putting an order, you will be consulted by a doctor-nutritionist.
  • You will be in contact with a doctor-nutritionist during the period we deliver food for you. 
  • The company has established a clear system of discounts for all clients who are going to use the service for a longer period of time. The cost is getting reduced depending on the duration of the project.
  • In case you order this program for 4-9 days, the cost for one day will be 12,900 AMD.
  • Healthy Box organizes free delivery in the city of Yerevan in accordance with the schedule established by the company, with the exception of some administrative units of the city and/or addresses. More detailed information can be obtained when placing an order.