36,000 AMD

Healthy Box offers Anti-Swelling program. This program is intended for people who have edema (problems with the cardiovascular system, hypothyroidism, after suffering COVID, etc.) and want:


  • to get rid of edemas
  • improve metabolic processes
  • to regulate and normalize the salt balance in cells and tissues



Breakfast - smoothies and cottage cheese with strawberry

Dessert - jelly and fruit juice

Lunch - green beans and grilled zucchini

Break-prune mousse

Dinner - avocado and cherry tomato salad


  • If you join this program, it is very important that you strictly follow our meal plan. Please do not use any other food or drink (you may still drink water, tea and coffee without milk or sugar) in order to achieve maximum results.
  • Healthy Box organizes free delivery in the city of Yerevan in accordance with the schedule established by the company, with the exception of some administrative units of the city and/or addresses. More detailed information can be obtained when placing an order.