61,000 AMD

Detox 7 days is body cleansing program suitable for those who are not ready to have exclusively juices and smoothies in their meal plan, but at the same time want to go through an effective cleansing program. If you are just starting to get involved in detox and healthy eating, then this program is for you.

This is a program that will help you:

- get rid of extra pounds (up to 5 kg)

- improve immunity

- improve the functioning of the digestive system

- get rid of toxins and slags

- improve complexion


Breakfast- smoothie

Break- fruit dessert

Lunch- soup, salad and smoothie

Break- fruit break or smoothie

Dinner - salad

* In order to get maximum results from organism cleansing, it is important to strictly follow our meal plan and instructions.

** Before the start of the program, you may have a consultation with a doctor.

*** Weigh loss is individual.